NOTES - Windows 10 already has this driver installed or may automatically install, you can find the UZB appear as soon as the Z-Stick Gen5 is connected to your PC. You can check this under "Device Manager" under "Ports (COM & LPT)

You may find the drivers for the Z-Stick Gen5 downloadable on this page.

Z-Stick Gen5 UZB Drivers

You will only need to install these drivers on Windows OS machines.

Method 1 (Only works on Windows 8 or 10):

Right click on the .INF file in the Z-Stick Gen5 drivers, and in the popup menu, click on INSTALL.

Method 2 (Can be used on any Windows OS):

There is an alternative way to install the inf file. Please follow the steps below

1) First open up "Device Manager" in Windows

2) Look for "Ports (COM & LPT)" (Usually the Z-Stick will appear here if the drivers are installed properly).


"Other Devices" (It will appear under Other Devices when the device is not detected properly)

3) The Z-Stick Gen5 should appear as an "Unknown Device"

4) Right Click on "Unknown Device" then click on "Update Driver Software"

5) On the new popup window, click on " Browse my Computer for driver software"

6) look for .inf file.

7) If installed properly, it should appear as the image below as a UZB device under "Ports (COM & LPT)"  (The COM number will change depending on the USB it is plugged into)