Aeotec LED Bulb Gen5.

Aeotec LED Bulb has been crafted to power connected lighting using Z-Wave Plus. It is powered by Aeotec’s Gen5 technology. You can find out more about LED Bulb following that link.

To see whether LED Bulb is known to be compatible with your Z-Wave system or not, please reference our Z-Wave gateway comparison listing. The technical specifications of LED Bulb can be viewed at that link.

Get to Know your LED Bulb.

Your LED Bulb contains all its technology within its silver and white exterior. It has no external buttons.



Important safety information.

Please read this and other device guides carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations set forth by Aeotec Limited may be dangerous or cause a violation of the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor, and / or reseller will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from not following any instructions in this guide or in other materials.

LED Bulb Gen5 is intended for indoor use in dry locations only. Do not use in damp, moist, and / or wet locations.

Quick start.

Connecting LED Bulb to an Existing Network.

Getting your LED Bulb up and running is as simple as inserting it into a lamp holder and adding it to your existing Z-Wave network. You’ll need to set your Z-Wave hub to accept new products; to do this, please refer to its user manual.

1. Toggle off the wall switch into the OFF position.

2. Remove any existing light bulb and replace it with LED Bulb.

3. Set your Z-Wave gateway to accept or pair new products.

4. With LED Bulb in its fitting, wait 2 seconds. Now toggle your wall switch ON. LED Bulb’s green LED will blink to indicate that it is looking for a Z-Wave network to connect to.

5. After successfully connecting to your network, LED Bulb will illuminate. If a network connection has failed, it will remain without light.

Using LED Bulb.

With your LED Bulb now a part of your smart home, you’ll be able to schedule, configure and control it your Z-Wave gateway. Please refer to the relevant pages of your gateway’s user manual for instructions on configuring LED Bulb to your needs. Not all gateways will support changing LED bulbs color, if this is a function you require, please contact your gateways support team to determine if the color changing over their interface is compatible.

Alternatively, you may refer to the section "Manually Changing LED Bulbs color" under the "Advanced functions" in the below sections if your gateway does not support color changing.

Please note that the wall switch controlling LED Bulb needs to be left in the on position in order for LED Bulb to function within your Z-Wave network. In the off position, LED Bulb will not be able to draw power and will not be remotely controllable nor be able to serve as a Z-Wave repeater.

Advanced functions.

Manually Changing LED Bulbs color.

LED Bulb can fill your room with multiple shades of white and an additional 16 million different colors. It’s possible to manually select some of these without the use of your Z-Wave gateway. To do this;

1. Toggle LED Bulb off, on, off, on in quick succession via its wall switch. LED Bulb has now entered color cycle mode and will cycle through the following colors: warm white, cold white, red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple.

2. When the color cycle arrives at the color you’d like to select, toggle off LED Bulb via the wall switch. The visible color will be set as your bulb’s default.

Removing LED Bulb from a Z-Wave network.

Your LED Bulb can be removed from your Z-Wave network at any time using your Z-Wave gateway. To set your gateway into removal mode, please refer to the respective section of its user manual.

1. Set your Z-Wave gateway into device removal mode.

2. Turn LED Bulb’s wall switch on.

3. Toggle LED Bulb’s wall switch off, on, off, on, off, on within 2 seconds. The LED should flash orange, and if successful, the orange LED will be solid for 2 seconds before becoming a white color.

4. LED Bulb should now be removed from your Z-Wave network.

To confirm successful removal its color will change to orange for 2 seconds before changing to white. If removal was unsuccessful, LED Bulb will blink orange for 3 seconds before changing to red for 2 seconds.

Removing LED Bulb from your Z-Wave network will reset LED Bulb to default factory settings.

Security inclusion.

If your gateway supports secure inclusion, you may add it as a secured device within your network where its communication is encapsulated by AES128 encryption.

1. Set your Z-Wave hub into pairing mode.

2. Ensure that the LED Bulb is toggled on at the wall switch, then toggle off, on, off, on, off, on within 2 seconds. The blue LED will blink to indicate the Bulb is entering into secure pairing mode.

3. If LED Bulb has been successfully added to your Z-Wave network, its RGB LED will be solid when you turn LED Bulb on.

Manually Toggle LED Bulb ON and OFF using the External Switch.

In order to manually toggle the LED bulb  ON and OFF using the external switch, you will need to use:

Parameter 34 [1 byte].

Value 0 = Disable [default]

Value 1 = Enable

Once this configuration setting has been set to 1, you will be able to control the state of your LED bulb using your external toggle switch by

  • Quick toggle OFF -> ON within 1 second
  • This will toggle ON and OFF state of LED Bulb

LED Bulb programmable animations.

The LED Bulb can be programmed to function with different animations using Parameter 38 - 39. You'll be able to program your LED Bulb for different types of ambiance that you are looking to set with its 16 million different colors. You can program it for such events like parties, chill time, romantic, or even make it more alarming for a security system.'

You can find out how to do so in the link below:

Manual configuration.

You may wish to manually configure LED Bulb via Z-Wave command classes through your gateway. What follows is a list of the associated information. 

You can find more available configuration settings here: 

  1. LED Bulb V1.04
  2. LED Bulb V1.05