NOTE - This is out of date, with the latest Vera UI7 firmware update, the Multisensor 6 should already be auto-configured. But these steps may work for older firmware version of UI7.

NOTE2 - This will not be usable with UI5, the Multisensor 6 ZW100 is not compatible to UI5.

If your Multisensor 6 motion sensor is not working and shows as a ON/OFF application on your Vera interface. Follow the steps below which will guide you through installation and configuration to make its motion sensor work.

This has been fully tested and confirmed to work on UI7 utilizing Vera Edge.

1.0) Add as "Generic Device"

1.1) If Vera fails to send security node, then unpair the device and try again

2) Go to "Advanced" under the Multisensor 6 motion node (may look like a Generic IO device).

3) Device type: "urn:schemas-micasaverde-com:device:MotionSensor:1"

Device file: "D_MotionSensor1.xml"

Device JSON: "D_MotionSensor1.json"

Category: "4"

SubCategory: "3"

4) The Sensor May or May not disappear, if it disappears then go to 

Settings -> Z-Wave Settings -> Advanced Tab

5) Click on "Reload Engine"

6) Close your Vera interface, and open it up again (got to relog back into your network) and your motion sensor should appear again.