You can setup the Minimote into your existing network as a secondary controller, the steps below will help you include the Minimote into your gateway as a Group Controller. In a few cases, some controllers will automatically configure your Minimote as a Scene Controller.

It is suggest that you follow these steps in the order each section is listed below.

(Just be aware there may be a button layout labeling difference, but the button placement is still the same between both minimotes)

+ Button = Include Button

 - Button = Exclude Button

Blank Button = Associate Button

 Join Button = Learn Button

Firmware Update your Minimote to V1.19

You can find the firmware updates here:

Factory reset your Minimote

1) Pull down the panel

2) Press and hold down the 2 bottom buttons (associate and learn) together at the same time.

The LED will alternate faster and faster, then the red and blue LED will become solid. You can let go of the 2 buttons then.

Include the Minimote into your Gateways network

1) Tap the "Learn" or "Join" Button on the minimote. The LED should be flashing blue now

2) Put your gateway into Inclusion/Pair Mode.

3) If successful, the minimote should blink rapidly then stay blue solid for 2 seconds. You should also be able to see it in your gateway network.

Now that you have included the minimote into your network, you should be able to program manual scenes (while the minimote is in group mode). Just follow the instructions below to add scenes one by one for control over the 4 scene buttons.

Creating Scenes (Group Mode or Primary Controller Function)


Creating scenes in Primary Controller mode and Secondary Controller mode’s Group Mode (please refer to the Secondary Controller section below). To create scenes, follow the steps below:


You may also view the youtube video here on creating scenes using the minimote in Group/Primary controller mode:

1) Press and hold a scene, this will cause the minimote to blink rapidly (keep holding!)


2) Go to the device that you want to control (switch or dimmers only), and tap the button on the device while still holding the minimote scene button down. The LED on the minimote should show a reaction [blink faster and turn solid for 1-2 seconds, then continue to blink]

(If you do not get any reaction, please refer to the button press list that is required here.)


3) Now here comes the interesting part [you should still be holding onto the scene button still!]


3.1) The Device is ON

-When you let go of the scene button when the device is ON, you can toggle the switch on and off.


3.2) The Device is OFF

-When you let go of the scene button when the device is OFF, you can only turn the switch off.


4) Determine what preference you want for the device from step 3.1 or step 3.2 then let go of the scene button.


5) Test, tap the scene button


6) Repeat steps 1-5 to add more control to other devices. (You can add multiple devices to a single scene button)


Note: You repeat the steps on the same button to add control to Multiple devices, if you repeat the steps above on the same device, you remove control on that device from that scene button.


Dimmers and Dimming


If there is a dimmer linked to a scene button, then you can press and hold it to dim it up or down. Let go of the scene button when you've come across the correct dimmness that you want.


Note: If you dimmed it up before, then it will dim down the next time you use the dimmer function.



Using ALL ON and ALL OFF on the Minimote is a great way to test if the device you want to include into your network was successfully included. They should react to the ALL ON or OFF broadcast and indicate that you can create a scene properly.




Press and hold the top 2 scene buttons, this will turn all switches and dimmers on.




Press and hold the bottom 2 scene buttons, this will turn all the switches and dimmers off.

If Using Vera UI7, your Minimote may already be in Scene Mode. Follow the instructions in the link below if you want to change to Group Mode:

Changing Minimote to a Scene Mode Controller (If in Group Mode)

If you are going to use Scene mode, make sure that your Primary controller is NodeID = 1, if you've done a controller shift or shifted the primary role to another controller, it is possible for your primary controller not to be NodeID = 1 and be a different NodeID. 

If that is the case, you'll need to ensure that you find a method to make the newer primary controller NodeID = 1.

1) Press and hold the "Learn" Button on the Minimote. The green LED should turn ON.

This will allow the Minimote to take in new configurations and remain awake to receive them.

2) Using your software of your gateway (if it supports sending in Configuration CC changes), send to the Minimote:

Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1 (Value 0 = Group Mode, Value 1 = Scene Mode)

Then send it.

3) Once you are able to confirm that the command was sent in properly, you may let go of the "Learn" button on the Minimote.

4) Test the mode. To confirm if the Minimote has changed to Scene Mode, press and hold any of the scene buttons.

If in Group Mode, the LED will blink rapidly as you hold down the scene button.

If in Scene Mode, the LED for both blue and red will blink once then stop as you hold down the scene button.

Please review the manual of your gateway on how to create scenes to trigger with your Minimote, if you are unsure how to, you may send us a ticket and we will try to help you or see if it is possible to do so. The best contact on how to make a scene or trigger is to contact your gateway's support team.

Associate 3 Way Switch/Dimmers or Sensors to Switches or Dimmers.

The Multisensor will be used as an example, just replace Multisensor with the sensor that you are using or the 3-Way switch (such as a WT00Z-1) that you are using. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Associate button under the Minimote panel (Button on the bottom left), the LED on the Minimote should now begin to blink its blue LED slowly.
  2. Press the button on the Z-Wave Switch that you want the Multisensor (or 3-way switch) to turn on or off with. You will notice, if the minimote sees the device, the blue LED on the Minimote will blink rapidly.
  3. Press the switch on the Multisensor (or 3-way Switch). You will notice, if the minimote sees the device, the blue LED becomes solid and the red LED will flash once before returning to rapid flashing blue LED.
  4. Stop association mode on the Minimote (Press any button or allow it to timeout), and test if the setup is working.