Sometimes the inclusion process fails and there are a few troubleshooting steps that you can take to ensure the maximum success for during the inclusion process.

Make sure that the Z-Stick Gen5 and the Z-Wave device you are attempting to include are running the same network:

ZW090-A is US frequency

ZW090-B is AU frequency

ZW090-C is EU frequency

If the steps below do not work, more than likely there are some issues with the device that you are trying to include, or the method of inclusion.

First Do an Exclusion or Unpair to a Z-Wave device (this also factory resets products)

This ensures that all the network information in a Z-Wave device is completely wiped, this should be done after every failed inclusion process, or before you add a new device.

0) Unplug your Z-Stick Gen5 from your PC if it is currently plugged in.

1) Press and hold down the Z-Stick Gen5 button until it blinks yellow rapidly

2) Tap the button on the Z-Wave device you want to factory reset

The LED on the Z-Stick Gen5 should confirm a successful factory reset on a Z-Wave device by become solid blue.

3) Now tap the button on the Z-Stick Gen5 to take it out of exclusion/unpair mode

Now pair/include the device to your network

You've ensured that the Z-Wave device you want to add is completely factory reset, try pairing the device to your network.

4) Tap the Z-Stick Gen5 button, the LED should now blink blue

5) Tap the button on the Z-Wave Z-Wave device that you want to add.

The LED on the Z-Stick Gen5 should blink blue rapidly for a bit, then become solid blue if successful, or solid red if unsuccessful.

If unsuccessful, return to step 1.

Otherwise, you have successfully paired your Z-Wave device to your Z-Stick Gen5 network.