433MHz frequency communication

Maximum Range Outdoors 100m or 300ft

Projected Maximum Indoors Range: 100ft or 30m

Does not communicate through the Z-Wave protocol

Testing Use and Installation practices

  1. Wireless button should be on a flat surface (even during testing) to avoid interference.

  2. Point bottom of Wireless button towards the direction of the Doorbell unit

  3. Make sure that you are not holding onto the Wireless button (your hand can cause distortions)

Interference (do not install on or have in between the Wireless button and Doorbell Unit)

  1. Metal walls (These walls will shield the 433MHz wireless signal)

  2. Large metallic objects (ie. refrigerator)

  3. Cement Walls

Pairing Wireless Button (also use if users Wireless button does not work out of the box)

If your Doorbell is not paired to your Wireless button from your first use, you can manually pair the Doorbell and the Wireless button easily.

1) On the main Doorbell device, quick press Volume + and Volume - buttons together at the same time. If successful at setting Doorbell into pair mode, the LED should begin blink rapidly.

2) Place Wireless button on a flat surface and tap its button (make sure that the blue LED ring blinks once on your Wireless button). If Doorbell and your Wireless Button have paired successfully, Doorbells LED should stop blinking rapidly. Your Wireless button should now ring Doorbell