For any security-dependent devices, including door locks, we heavily recommend the use of Range Extender 6. The following describes the use of the older Range Extender, a device built upon 300 series Z-Wave. Range Extender 6 is built upon Gen5 and Z-Wave Plus and supports security natively. 

Here are some requirements for the repeaters to work for the door lock:

1) The Door lock must have FLiRs enabled (repeater allows beaming which allows the repeater to wake up the doorlock).

2) The door lock and repeater must see each other as neighbors

Some suggestions to force the door lock and repeater to see each other as neighbors.

1) Re-include the door lock after the repeater has been included into the network to force the doorlock to see the repeater as a potential neighbor. (This method may require you to move the gateway closer since the repeater does not support NWI).

2) Wake up the door lock, and run a network heal or optimization to update neighbor nodes

Force Neighbor change on Repeater (VERA ONLY)

This method may be applicable to other gateways, but to current knowledge, only Vera gateways allow the force change of adding neighbor nodes to devices which gives this an easy setup between your Range Extender and any Door Lock that is compatible. 

1) Find out the NodeID of your Door Lock

2) Click on the Arrow on the Repeater

3) Go to "Advanced" -> "Variables"

4) Look for Neighbors

5) If the NodeID of the Doorlock is not present, add the NodeID of the Door Lock to the end of the list

6) Press Enter and go back to Devices

7) Go to Settings -> Z-Wave

8) Click on "Reload Engine"

9) Re-log back into your Vera gateway

Your Repeater should now work as a repeater for your Z-Wave Door Lock.

If you have other softwares or gateways that can force an addition neighbor node, you may be able to use this method to force the repeater to see the door lock as a neighbor device.