If your Smart Switch 6 is not working properly in your Razberry (Z-Way software), the following link can be used to hack your Z-Way device and remove the Multilevel Switch command from its frame. This will force your Z-Way software to see the Smart Switch 6 as a basic ON/OFF switch.

1) Determine the NodeID of your Smart Switch 6

2) Do the following (Change x to the NodeID of the Smart Switch 6 in zway.devices[x] in 2 different areas):

http://ip:8083/JS/Run/var a=zway.devices[x].data.nodeInfoFrame.value; var i = a.indexOf(0x26); if (i !== -1) a.splice(i, 1); zway.devices[x].data.nodeInfoFrame.value=a



If NodeID of Smart Switch 6 = 16

http://ip:8083/JS/Run/var a=zway.devices[16].data.nodeInfoFrame.value; var i = a.indexOf(0x26); if (i !== -1) a.splice(i, 1); zway.devices[16].data.nodeInfoFrame.value=a


3) After this press Force Interview.

Note: Thanks to Z-Wave.me support for providing this hack.