This page lists additional wiring schematics for the Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 and form part of the larger Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 user guide.

The Heavy Duty Smart Switch can be wired in a 1 phase or 2 phase configuration for US regions only while the EU can only be connected to 1 phase, below you will find diagrams that you can use to wire up your Heavy Duty Smart Switch.

Important: Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 must wired behind an air break switch for safety and electric compliance. (Note: Air Circuit Breaker is the same as a Circuit Breaker)

Below are general wiring diagrams to give you a better idea on how to wire the Heavy Duty Smart Switch, but an Air Breaker will need to be installed (refer to image above) for general safety and electrical compliance.

US Heavy Duty Smart Switch:

AC Neutral is a required connection for the input power side of Heavy Duty Smart Switch, but is not required of the output terminals.

120VAC single phase wiring.

240VAC split phase wiring.

EU Heavy Duty Smart Switch: