This page provides the download for the Backup Software tool for Z-Stick Gen5 and form part of the larger Z-Stick Gen5 user manual.

The Z-Stick Gen5 backup tool is now available for the Windows PC platform (downloads at the bottom of the page). The software installation will be in Chinese, but this will change later on in the future. To start the installation, follow the installation guide below.

You can find further instructions and steps to perform a backup file and restore your network on another Z-Stick Gen5 here: Backup and Restore Guide.

You can download the Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software (.zip file)

To open the Backup tool, unzip the .rar file, and run the file zwave_500.exe (may be seen as "zwave_500" if your file extensions are hidden)

Notes - 

  • This will only work for the Z-Stick Gen5. 
  • Will not work for the Z-Stick Lite, or S2.
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 compatible
  • Requires .Net 3.5 framework

Version Notes - 

  • V1.0.0.1 is not compatible with Windows 10
  • V1.0.0.3 is compatible with Windows 10.
  • V1.0.0.9 fixes issues with Windows 10