Sometimes you will find your devices are paired to a separate network already, or your gateway has failed and no longer can unpair a device from its network. Below are some steps you can take to factory reset your Aeotec Z-Wave Devices.

Method 1 - Soft Reset (All Z-Wave Devices)

This method can be done with any gateway, or any Z-Wave device. Your gateway does not have to be paired with a device to do a remove/unpair on it.

1) Put your gateway into unpair/remove mode (if you do not know how to do this, please refer to your gateways instructions on putting it into remove/unpair mode).

2) Tap the button on the Aeotec device that you want to factory reset.

Aeotec Products that use a special method of activating factory reset

(Aeotec LED bulb) - The LED bulb doesn't have its own button, instead, toggle the external switch linked to the LED bulb starting from the ON position: OFF -> ON -> OFF -> ON -> OFF -> ON within 1 second (OFF -> ON 3x times).

(Minimote + Key Fob) - The Minimote uses the "Learn" or "Join" Button for being unpaired or paired to or from the network

Method 2 - Hard Reset (Aeotec Generation 2 devices and above only)

A Hard Reset can be done at any point in time, but if it is paired to your gateway, i would highly suggest that you use method 1 to avoid leaving phantom node or 'failed' nodes in your network which can slow down your network. But in the case that it isn't paired to your network and you need to reset it, follow the instructions below.

1) Press and hold the Aeotec Z-Wave device for 20 seconds, then release to perform a Hard Reset.

Aeotec Products that use a special method of activating factory reset

(Minimote) - Pull down the panel of the minimote, and then press and hold the bottom 2 buttons down for 10 seconds. The blue and red LED will alternate faster and faster until both LEDs become solid to indicate a successful factory reset.

(Key Fob) - Take a pin and press and hold down the (MODE) pin button, the red and green LED will alternate faster and faster until the green LED becomes solid for 2 seconds which will indicate a successful Hard Reset and that you can release the pin button.