There is a big difference to USB power and Battery Power in the Multisensor 6, though it may only be a few small items, it greatly changes the usability of your miniature Multisensor.

USB Power

  • Always awake, this allows for easy configuration of this device
  • Allows for faster sensor reports
  • Can be used as a repeater node

Parameter Settings Change Recommendations:

  • Parameter 101 [4 byte]: 240 (report Light, Humidity, Temperature, and UV)
  • Parameter 111 [4 byte]: 30 (report every 30 seconds)
  • Parameter 40 [1 byte]: 1 (enable selective reporting, automatically updates reports when passing a threshold)

Battery Power

  • Mostly sleeping, you will need to wake up the Multisensor in order to configure it (this is common for all Z-Wave Battery Devices)
  • Minimum report time for sensors is 240 seconds, but setting this would greatly reduce its battery life to a matter of a few months or less if set to this.
    • Wakeup Interval sets the minimum setting for parameter 111-113, by default this is set to 3600. You must change the Wakeup Interval in order to set parameter 111 under 3600. (ie. If parameter 111 is set to 240, and wake interval is 3600, then the report interval will still be 3600).
  • Cannot be used as a repeater node

Parameter Settings Change Recommendations (Leave most items as default):

  • Parameter 101 [4 byte]: 241 (report Light, Humidity, Temperature, UV, and Battery) [default settings]
  • Parameter 111 [4 byte]: 3600 (report every 3600 seconds or 1 hour) [default settings]
  • Parameter 40 [1 byte]: 0 (disable selective reporting)