You can update your Z-Stick Gen5, if you are not sure what firmware version your Z-Stick Gen5 is, you can update Z-Stick Gen5 without resetting your Z-Wave network.


  • Windows 7 or later


  • Z-Wave SDK version updated to V6.515.10

Download Firmware V1.01

Install Driver (Required)

  1. Download Driver through this link:
  2. Unzip into any folder (recommended software to unzip, WinZip or WinRar).
  3. Open up the folder and find the .inf file
  4. Right click on "zw05xxprg.inf"
  5. Select "Install"

Update Z-Stick Gen5

  1. Unzip "" into any folder (EU or US version depending on your Z-Wave Frequency.
  2. Open up the folder, and open "ZStick_G5_Update tool.exe"
  3. Connect your Z-Stick Gen5 to your PC, ensure that it is not connected to any software interface
  4. Connect your Z-Stick Gen5 to update software through "Settings -> COMx"

  5. Click on "OK"

  6. If successful, at the bottom of your software, it will state:

    COM3 in the above image will depend on what COM port your Z-Stick Gen5 is connected through (ie. COM5, COM10, etc).

  7. Click on "Update" and the update process will finish in roughly 3 minutes.