This page lists the steps to factory reset and pair your Key Fob as a secondary controller and different uses and form part of the larger Key Fob Gen5 user guide.

This is a quick start article on using your Key Fob Gen5 as a secondary controller to another gateway, starting from factory resetting your Key Fob, to creating scenes in Group Mode. I will later expand an article on using Scene Mode later on.

Here is a quick youtube video that goes through the same steps in this article:

Factory Reset - Hard Reset

1) Take the Pin that comes with the Key Fob Gen5, then press and hold the "Mode" button for 20 seconds. The LEDs will alternate colors between red and green faster and faster until the green LED becomes solid.

2) Now release the "Mode" Button.

Your Key Fob Gen5 is now factory reset

Pairing Key Fob Gen5 to your Gateway

1) Tap the "Learn" Button on your Key Fob Gen5 with the Pin, the green LED should now be blinking.

2) Put your gateway into inclusion mode, or device pair mode

You will notice that the Key Fob Gen5 will blink rapidly to indicate that it is communicating. When it becomes solid Green for 2 seconds, this indicates a successful inclusion process.

If it stays solid Red for 2 seconds, then the inclusion process failed. For this case, go back to the Factory reset steps above, and start again.

Determining what mode your Key Fob Gen5 is in.

You can determine which mode your Key Fob Gen5 is in by tapping Button 3 (Bottom Left Button) and determining the LED activity of the Key Fob Gen5.

No LED Activity = Setup Mode

Red LED = Group Mode

Green LED = Scene Mode

In this article, it is assumed that your Key Fob Gen5 is still in Setup Mode. If it is not, skip the next section for changing Setup to Group Mode.

Change Mode from Setup Mode to User Mode (Group/Scene).

1) Take the pin button and press and hold both the "Mode" and "Learn" Button at the same time.

2) When the Green LED lights up, you can now let go.

3) Tap Button 3 to test if the mode of the Key Fob Gen5 has changed. 

(If it blinks red it is in Group Mode, if it blinks green, it is in Scene Mode, if it is in Group Mode and you want to use Scene Mode, see the section below "Wake up Key Fob to take in configurations or commands" for Parameter 250 setting and instruction).

Wake up Key Fob to take in configurations or commands.

Send a Wakeup Report to gateway.

If your gateway can queue commands to a battery device, all you need to do to continue with sending the new configuration is to send a wakeup report to the gateway. To do so:

1) Press and hold the "Learn" pin button for 3 seconds

2) Then release.

Keep Key Fob awake to take in commands instantly.

Alternatively, you can keep the Key Fob always active by:

1) Press and hold the "Learn" pin button (and keep it held down)

2) Go to your gateway and send in the configuration (ie. Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1)

3) Once you've confirmed the changes, you can release the "Learn" pin button.

Creating a Scene under Group Mode.

1) Press and hold one of the 4 scene buttons that you want to program. (Keep on holding until step 4)

2) Go to the device that you want to control (switch or dimmers only), and tap the button on the device (while still holding the Key Fob Gen5 scene button down). The LED on the Key Fob Gen5 should show a reaction [blink faster and turn solid for 1-2 seconds, then continue to blink as you hold down the button]


3) Now here comes the interesting part [you should still be holding onto the scene button still!]


3.1) The Z-Wave Switch or Dimmer Device is ON

-When you let go of the scene button when the device is ON, you can toggle the switch on and off.


3.2) The Z-Wave Switch or Dimmer Device is OFF

-When you let go of the scene button when the device is OFF, you can only turn the switch off.


4) Determine what preference you want for the device from step 3.1 or step 3.2 then let go of the scene button.


5) Test, tap the scene button


6) Repeat steps 1-5 to add more control to other devices. (You can add multiple devices to a single scene button)

NOTE - If you run through the same steps with the same scene button with a device that is already paired to that scene button, it will remove control over the Z-Wave device.

Dimmers and Dimming


If there is a dimmer linked to a scene button, then you can press and hold it to dim it up or down. Let go of the scene button when you've come across the correct dimmness that you want.


Note: If you dimmed it up before, then it will dim down the next time you use the dimmer function.

Utilizing Key Fob Gen5 as a Scene Mode Controller (Scene Activation Command Class).

Changing Key Fob Gen5 to a Scene Mode Controller (If in Group Mode)

1) Press and hold the "Learn" Button using a pin that came with the Key Fob Gen5. The LED on the Key Fob should remain solid green as you hold down the learn button.

This will allow the Key Fob to take in new configurations and remain awake to receive them.

2) Using your software of gateway (if it supports sending in Configuration CC changes), send the Key Fob Gen5:

Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1

Then send it.

3) Once you are able to confirm that the command was sent in properly, you may let go of the "Learn" button on the Key Fob.

4) Using Button 3 (bottom left button), if you tap it, it will blink one of 2 different LED colors, or have no reaction at all. If it blinks Green, then you can confirm that you have successfully changed the Key Fob to Scene Mode:

No LED Activity = Setup Mode

Red LED = Group Mode

Green LED = Scene Mode

Program Scenes and Triggers for your Key Fob to trigger from your Gateway

This section of the article will be updated at a later time.