Please note that the S2 in the name Z-Stick S2 represents the fact that it was the 2nd edition of Z-Stick. It does not represent compatibility with Z-Wave S2 / Security 2.

Step 1: Install Necessary Drivers

You may find the drivers for the Z-Stick S2 here, you must install them in order for your PC to show the device as a COM port: 

Step 2: Determine the COM port of the Z-Stick (Z-Stick must be plugged in)

The COM port of the Z-Stick can be found under "device manager" in Windows (Control Panel/Device Manager). To find the COM port for Linux and Mac is a bit different, and i you need help with this I can find out for you on how to do so.

You need to know the COM port for the connection between the Z-Stick and Software you have chosen.

Step 3: Choose your Software

You will now need to choose the software that you want to use, I will list them out and you can determine which one you will want to use for your home automation control.

Software with trial use

1. Homeseer (1 Month Trial)

2. InControl (Control up to 10 devices for free)

3. Indigo (Mac Software, I believe there is a trail, but I am not 100% sure)

4. Z-Way

Free Software

1. LinuxMCE

2. zVirtualScenes

3. OpenControl 2.0

4. HomeGenie

5. Domotiga

6. Domoticz

7. OpenHAB

8. Jeedom

Step 4: Connect your Z-Stick to the Software you have chosen

How you do so will be a different experience for each software, some are easier, and some take a little more time to figure out. Each software generally will have steps on how to do so.

Step 5: Add Devices to the Z-Stick Z-Wave network

If you have a Z-Stick Gen5 or S2, you can use the button to add or remove devices from your network. But you can also use software to include and exclude as well.

Step 6: Get to know Z-Wave common knowledge, and things to look up

1. Changing Z-Wave Parameter Settings (Advanced)

2. Setting Events/Scenes/Triggers to trigger devices in your network

3. Complications of Z-Wave Battery Sensors

4. Z-Wave Product Compatibility to Software

5. Possible Scripting in the Software that you are using