If you are having issues triggering the Siren Gen5, or if it is show as a generic device, we advise using a custom device handler Smart Alarm, a custom device handler by krlaframboise.

Custom Device handler by krlaframboise SmartThings forum: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-aeon-labs-multifunction-siren/40652?u=krlaframboise

Direct Github link can be found here: https://github.com/krlaframboise/SmartThings/blob/master/devicetypes/krlaframboise/aeon-labs-multifunction-siren.src/aeon-labs-multifunction-siren.groovy

Find the Github code, and copy all of the device handler code (all of it), then follow the instructions below to install the custom device handler:

  1. Login to Web IDE and click on the "My Device Types" link on the top menu (login here: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/)
  2. Click on "my location"
  3. Click on the name of your SmartThings hub to select the location that you are in
  4. Click on "My Device Handlers"
  5. Create a new Device Handler by  clicking on "+ Create a new Device Handler" button in the upper-right  corner.
  6. Click on "From Code."
  7. Copy statusbits code from Github, and paste it into the code section.
  8. Install it on your Siren Gen5 by going to "My Devices" page in the IDE
  9. Find your Siren Gen5.
  10. Go to the bottom of the page for the current Siren Gen5 and click on "Edit."
  11. Find the "Type" field and select your device handler. (should be located at the bottom of the list as 'Smart Alarm').
  12. Click on "Update"
  13. Save Changes