This page provides configuration settings to disable the alarm on the Garage Door Controller and form part of the larger Garage Door Controller user guide.

How to completely disable the Garage Door Controller alarm.

There are 2 methods to disabling the alarm sound on the Garage Door Opener (GDC):

Method 1 - Configuration Settings

Set value 4 to 0 of parameter 37, 38, 39, and 40. After sending in this setting to the GDC, move the door sensor linked to your Garage Door Controller to OPEN or CLOSE state to confirm the changes and allow the settings to take place.

The LED light will also be disabled when opening or closing the garage door.

I would suggest setting this value to parameters 37 - 40 [4 byte]:

0x01010100 hexidecimal or ‭16843008‬ decimal

After you have sent in the configuration, in order for the GDC to take the changes you must move the tilt sensor (starting from closed):

Tip: you can remove the tilt sensor from its mount, and then move it from a vertical position, to a horizontal position, then back onto the mount to save the setting.


Then you should see the changes take place.

Method 2 - Delete All Songs in the GDCs Flash Drive

Plugin your GDC unit into a PC, and open up the flash drive. Delete only the music files in the GDCs flash drive, this would cause the GDC to have no music to play as an alarm. Make sure that you do not delete all the files in your GDC otherwise it may stop your GDC from working properly until you place the hidden files back into its flash drive.


Learn how to configure the Garage Door Controller alarm as you want it to be.

If you want to further understand how to configure the alarm sounds in the Garage Door Controller, please refer to this link here: