If you want to use your Minimote as a Group Mode Controller, follow the steps below to change the Minimote into a Group Mode controller from a scene mode controller.

You can also follow along on this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMt1vCQB1-4 (If you don't care for the beginning, skip to 0:57).

1) Go to Devices Tab

2) Click on the Minimote that you want to configure.

3) Go to "Device Options"

4) If variable 250 does not exist, click on "Add New Configuration"

5) In the new box from Left to Right, input:


1 byte dec


6) Click on Save

7) Go back to Devices Tab and look for the minimote node that you configured

8) Wait for the Minimote node to say "Waiting for Device to Wake Up"

9) Now Press and Hold the "Learn" or "Join" button until the LED on the minimote until the Vera message errors.

10) Your Vera should either say "Failed configuration" or "Successful" regardless, test out the minimote and continue to step 11.

11) Now let go of the Learn/Join Button

12) Press and hold any scene button on the minimote.

If in Group Mode:

the blue LED will flash rapidly for as long as you hold down the scene button. This is a clear indication of a successful setup.

Tired of the Error Message Under the Minimote? Continue on.

13) Now go back to the Minimotes Device Option

14) Delete the Parameter Setting, then click on save.

Your Vera will no longer be attempting to communicate with your Minimote, and the error message should disappear.