This tutorial will guide you through changing the sounds for different type of triggers, you would be able to use the steps below as examples to make the Siren sound the way you want it to.

The example below will use UI7 of the latest firmware version of Vera from (07/19/2016).

1) Determine the Node ID (altid) of the Siren Gen5 in your Vera network.

  • Go to Devices (side tool bar on the left)
  • Click on the arrow on the right side of the Siren Gen5 node
  • Go to Advanced
  • Find altid and make note of it. (Will be used in the next step under step 3 within the LUUP code)

2) Create a Scene to trigger the desired sound that you want.
  • Go to Scenes *side tool bar on the left)
  • Click on "Create New Scene"
  • Step 1 - Set the trigger using a sensor or any other triggers that you like.
  • Step 2 - Skip
  • Step 3 - Input LUUP script "luup.call_action('urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1','SendData',{Node='altid',Data='112 4 37 2 769'},1)"
    • 769 is the only number you are concerned with changing. This comes from the hexidecimal value 0x301 (you can confirm this in a calculator) which will output sound 3 and volume 1. 
    • If you want Sound 4 and Volume 2, then convert 0x402 hexidecimal to decimal and replace 769 with the new decimal number (1026).
    • The easiest way to view the hexidecimal is 0xYZZ where Y is Sound, and ZZ is Volume. Y can be changed from a number of 1-5, while ZZ can be changed between 01-03.
  • Save Scene

3) Test your scene by triggering it, or by pressing the play button to see if the Siren is working.