This page lists the troubleshooting methods of the Motion Sensor for Multisensor 6 and form part of the larger Multisensor 6 user guide.

If you are having issues with the motion sensor not triggering while paired to your current existing network, below are a few types of troubleshooting you can do to bring it back to life. If none of these steps work for you, please get in contact with our support team.

Unpair and Pair back Multisensor 6.

We would always suggest that you unpair the Multisensor 6 from your network using your gateway, then pair it back. This is typical troubleshooting that may help revive your non-responsive motion sensor.

1) Set your gateway into unpair mode

2) Tap the Action Button on the Multisensor 6 (located on the back of the unit where the round indent is located in one of the corners).

The Multisensor 6 should confirm that it has become factory reset by turning a rainbow gradient to indicate that it is ready to pair back to your network.

3) Pair the Multisensor 6 back into your network.

I would not suggest using the Multisensor 6's manual factory reset, this would leave a phantom node which may be difficult to remove from your gateway.

Configure the Multisensor 6 using your gateway.

Not all gateways have the ability to configure its devices, this step will require a gateway that can make changes to parameter configuration settings. Ask your gateway support team if your gateway supports manual configuration to Z-Wave devices.

Set these parameter settings:

Parameter 3 [2 byte] = 10 // This will set the timeout of the PIR sensor to 10 seconds

Parameter 4 [1 byte] = 5 // This is the default setting, but sending it in anyways may active the PIR sensor

Parameter 5 [1 byte] = 2 // After setting param 3 and 4, i would test the unit first before setting this. This changes the report type to your gateway.

Now test your Multisensor 6 every 10 seconds, watch to see if the LED on the Multisensor 6 blinks green or blue when you could have potentially triggered its motion sensor.

Battery used for Multisensor 6.

Often times using the wrong battery will cause Motion sensor to stop functioning, and typically this is one of the first sensors to stop working when the wrong battery is used. Multisensor 6 is not compatible to Rechargable CR123A batteries, it will in fact work for a short time, but the high voltage levels these rechargable batteries use (3.7V) is over the allowed voltage levels of this device.

If you are using a rechargable CR123A battery, make sure to change this to a typical 3.0V CR123A battery.

Hard Power cycle your MultiSensor 6.

This is a last case scenario troubleshoot, sometimes removing power for a longer period of time and allowing the unit to fully discharge all power before powering up the sensor may help. 

1. Remove power from your MultiSensor 6

2. Wait 6 minutes

3. Power up your MultiSensor 6

This tends to work with devices that have been in operation for a long period of time.