This page lists some of the known issues with the Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 and how to solve them and form part of the larger Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 user guide.

Blinking LED when triggering sensor

When opening and closing the door, pay attention to the Recessed Door Sensor, if there is no blinking, you may need to move the magnet closer to the door sensor to ensure that they are triggering.

You can further test this by taking out the magnet, then move it close to the sensor, then move it away from the sensor.

When it triggers either OPEN or CLOSE status, the red LED will blink momentarily.

Low battery

Having low battery can greatly affect the range of your sensor, sometimes a bad battery or a low quality battery will only last for a short time. For this case, if you see your sensor not report properly, I would always suggest replacing the battery to see if it brings it back to life.

Not close enough to gateway

Range of battery devices do play a factory in communication, sometimes you may need to move the Recessed Door Sensor closer to your gateway (this can be done for testing), if it works at a closer distance, then you may need to install a repeater node (which can be any plugin Z-Wave device such as a generic switch, dimmer, or other permanently powered products).

Configure Recessed Door Sensor Gen5 to report both Binary and Basic Reports

Using your gateway, you will need to set the below configuration setting:

  • Parameter 121 [4 byte dec] = 272

Some gateways will not allow you to change this, and others will have varying methods to set this.