This page provides the instructions to backup and restore using Backup Software tool for Z-Stick Gen5 and form part of the larger Z-Stick Gen5 user manual.

It is highly recommended that you backup your Z-Stick Gen5 occasionally in any case that the Z-Stick Gen5 may fail at some point, or if you feel like you need to replace your unit. This article will lead you through the steps of creating a backup file and how to restore your network on a new Z-Stick Gen5 or reverting back to a previous iteration of your network.

This guide is a part of the Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software article and download.

Table of Contents:

  1. Connect to Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software.
  2. Backup your Z-Stick Gen5 Network.
  3. Restore your Z-Stick Gen5 Network.

1. Connect to Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software.

1. Close any software that is connected to your Z-Stick Gen5, to make sure, unplug your Z-Stick then plug it back in to force a disconnection.

2. Open up the Z-Stick Gen5 backup tool software.

3. Your Z-Stick Gen5 should automatically connect, refer to the top and bottom of the image below which indicates a successful connection:

Successful Automatic Connection

At the top: "Port Name: COMX Chip Type: ZW0501 Ver.3.95"

At the bottom: "Load ZStick Success"

These 2 messages will indicate a successful connection to your Z-Stick Gen5.

Failed Connection

It is possible that your Z-Stick Gen5 may not automatically connect, then the Backup software will show as the image below:

At the top: nothing.

At the bottom: "Application Load ZStick Fail !"

Please continue to step 4 if this is the case.

4) Unplug your Z-Stick Gen5, then plug it back in after waiting for 1 second.

5) Click on Settings -> Port

6) Then select the COM number that your Z-Stick Gen5 is associated to (if you are unsure, please check your Device Manager in Windows). In the image below, COM 8 is the Z-Stick Gen5.

7) If you do not see the correct COM number, close down Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software, and open it back up and return back to step 2 of the "Connect to Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software." section.

2. Backup your Z-Stick Gen5 Network.

1) Click on "Read Eeprom" located at the bottom of the tool.

2) Find the location that you want to save your backup *.bin file

3) Give it a name for you to easily identify (ie. ZWaveBackup2-4-2017)

4) Click on Save

5) Your Backup Software will start performing operations to backup your network, take a coffee break. This'll take about 3-5 minutes.

6) Your backup is now complete! You can now safely backup your network in any case you need to replace your Z-Stick Gen5. Just click on OK and close down your software.

3. Restore your Z-Stick Gen5 Network

1) Locate the *.bin file that you named it in section "Backup your Z-Stick Gen5 Network."

2) Click on "Write Eeprom" located at the bottom of the tool

3) Locate the *.bin file that was created when you performed the backup on your Z-Stick Gen5, then click on the file.

4) Click on Open

5) Sit back and relax with a nice cup of Joe, while the software restores your network. This should take roughly 4-5 minutes.

6) Click on OK and close the Backup Software.

7) Now Unplug your Z-Stick Gen5, wait 1 second, then plug it back in to initialize the new restoration changes.

8) Your Restoration of your Z-Stick Gen5 Network is now done.