If you are unable to check the firmware version of your Z-Wave devices using your current firmware, there is an optional method to use Zensys Tool to help you determine the firmware version of your products.


  • Z-Wave USB Adapter

You can find the download of Zensys Tool here: https://aeotec.freshdesk.com/helpdesk/attachments/6091420613

Connect Controller to Zensys Tool

1) Open up Zensys Tool (make sure that no other software is connected to your controller [ie. Z-Stick, SmartStick+, UZB1])

2) Your controller should automatically detect your controller after it opens, if it does not continue through the rest of the steps

3) Click on Categories

4) On the drop down menu, click on "Settings"

5) Select your Z-Wave USB Controller to connect to, then click OK.

Finding Firmware version of a Z-Wave Device

1) Highlight the device that you want to check the firmware of

2) Click on the Node Information Icon

3) If it is a battery device, you will now need to wake it up to finish the command, then Zensys Tool will scan the device information and update it.

4) Now click on "Command Class" tab

5) Select:


Command Name: VERSION_GET

6) Then click on Send

7) If you are trying to get the information of a battery device, make sure to wake it up now

8) A packet log will show up now, you can ignore most of the information, the only 4 digits you are look at are on the right side

In this case, of the image above, the firmware version is V1.08 or V1.8