This page lists the technical specifications for Z-Stick Gen5 and form part of the larger Z-Stick Gen5 user guide.

Name: Z-Stick Gen5

Model Number: ZW090

ZW090-A: US Frequency

ZW090-B: AU Frequency

ZW090-C: EU frequency

Product Weight: 19 g

Total Package Weight: 39 g

Product Dimensions: 88 x 28.5 x 10 mm

Package Dimensions: 50 x 122 x 15 mm


US: 810667023034

EU: 1220000012813

AU: 1220000012806

Device Type: Z-Wave USB Controller

Z-Wave Plus Certified: Yes

Z-Stick Gen5 SDK and firmware:

Z-Stick Gen5

RPi4 compatible: Not without unpowered USB Adapter

Recommended USB Adapter with RPi4: Sabrent or Anker unpowered USB hub (2.0 or 3.0)

Firmware Version: V1.00 or V1.01

SmartStart: No

SDK Version: V6.51.02 or V6.51.10

New Z-Stick Gen5

RPi4 compatible: Yes, works without USB adapter.

Firmware Version: V1.01

SmartStart: No

SDK Version: V6.51.10

Power Supply: 

USB DC 4.75V to 5.25V

Built-in rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V, 100mAh.

Max Standby Current: 30uA.
Max Operating Current: 98mA in PA mode or 40mA in normal mode. 

Max Z-Wave Nodes: 232 devices

Sensitivity of the RF receiver: 

9.6kbps @ -90 dBm

100kbps @ -90 dBm 

Transmitting power: 

Disabled PA @ 2.91 dBm

Operating Temperature: 0 C to 50 C.

Storage Temperature: -20 C to 70 C.

Operating Distance: 

Up to 150m outdoors

Up to 400m outdoors with PA mode

Up to 75m indoors with PA

Specifications subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.