This page provides examples for setting the type of reports you want from the clamps and total readings using Parameter 101-103 for Home Energy Meter Gen5 and form part of the larger Home Energy Meter Gen5 user guide.

To set specific reports for your HEM Gen5, refer to the decimal table below if you do not know how to read a binary table. All you will need to do is add the decimal values together of all the settings you want, and then utilize the sum as the parameter setting value.

You may download an easy excel sheet by clicking here, or clicking on the attachment below.

ie. Parameter 101 [4 byte dec]: 6927 [This reports kwh and watt for total HEM, clamp 1, and clamp 2 + Voltage and Amperage for Total HEM readings]

ie2. Parameter 101 [4 btye dec]: 3 (from 1 + 2)  (reports kWh and Watt on Total Readings) 


Byte #Decimal ValueOutputClamp #HEM Restriction
byte 41kWhTotal Readings
byte 42WattTotal Readings
byte 44VoltageTotal Readings
byte 48AmperageTotal Readings
byte 3256WattClamp 1
byte 3512WattClamp 2
byte 31024WattClamp 3
byte 32048kWhClamp 1
byte 34096kWhClamp 2
byte 38192kWhClamp 3
byte 265536VoltageClamp 1
byte 2131072VoltageClamp 2
byte 2262144VoltageClamp 3
byte 2524288AmperageClamp 1
byte 21048576AmperageClamp 2
byte 22097152AmperageClamp 3

The table above shows a decimal representation of all flags that can be set on  parameter 101-103 to report specific data.

Example use of the Report Table.

For example, if you want to report only the total KWH consumption, and the  Wattage for clamp 3, you would add 1 + 1024 and set the sum (1025) to parameter 101, 102, or 103. 

As another example, if you want to report Wattage and KWH power consumption  for all clamps, you would add 256 + 512 + 1024 + 2048 + 4096 + 8192, then set the sum (16128) to parameter 101, 102, or 103. 

And if you want to report everything, you would add the whole table together and set it to 101, and set 102 and 103 to 0 values. 

Setting an automatic report interval.

Parameter 111-113 [4 byte dec] can be configured through your gateway in case  the default settings of your HEM is not what you desire. 

Parameter 111 will set the interval for Group 1 (parameter 101), parameter 112 will set the interval for Group 2 (parameter 102), and parameter 113 will set the interval for Group 3 (parameter 103). 

As an example, you have set parameter 101 to report the total KWH consumption  and the wattage for clamp 3, and you want to report it every 500 seconds. Set Parameter 111 [4 byte dec] to 500.

Utilizing different groups.

Your Home Energy Meter has 3 different groups that you may setup, from the  settings and examples above, you may configure each group to report different clamps and total reports to report at different interval. Group 1 uses Parameter 101 and 111, group 2 uses parameter 102 and 112, and group 3 uses parameter 103 and 113.