IMPORTANT - Please make sure that the model number (located on the back) of the WallMote Quad is the ZW130 before downloading and performing the update process.

As a part of our Gen5 range of products, WallMote Quad is firmware upgradable. Some gateways will support firmware upgrades over-the-air (OTA) and have WallMote Quads firmware upgrades packaged as part of their platform. For those that don't yet support such upgrades, WallMote Quad's firmware can be upgraded using Z-Stick from Aeotec (or any other Z-Wave compliant Z-Wave USB Adapters from any manufacturer) with Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10.

Firmware change log V1.08

  1. Solves issue when USB is plugged in, battery levels are reported wrong. 
  2. Solves issue with pairing taking too much time to complete.
  3. Solves LED indicator issue when mute mode is enabled.
  4. Solves issue where OTA process is terminated unexpectedly.

Firmware change log v1.07.

  1. Solves issue where WallMote Quad freezes and cannot be activated unless plugged into a USB port.
  2. Solves quick battery drain issues.

Requirements for update.

  1. Z-Wave USB Adapter (ie. Z-Stick Lite, Z-Stick S2, Z-Stick Gen5, UZB1, SmartStick+, or any other Z-Wave Adapter that conforms to Z-Wave standards).
  2. Windows OS (XP, 7, 8, or 10).

To upgrade your WallMote Quad using a Z-Stick or any other general Z-Wave USB Adapter:

  1. If your WallMote Quad is already part of a Z-Wave network, please remove it from that network. Your WallMote Quad manual touches on this and your Z-Wave gateway's / hub's user manual will provide more specific information. Skip to step 3 if your WallMote Quad is part of a Z-Stick controlled Z-Wave network already.
  2. Plug the Z‐Stick controller to the USB port of your PC host.
  3. Download the firmware that corresponds to the version of your WallMote Quad.

    : downloading and activating the wrong firmware will brick your MultiSensor and render it broken. Bricking is not covered by warranty.

    Australia / New Zealand frequency - version 1.08 - for ZW130-B only
    European Union version frequency - version 1.08 - for ZW130-C only
    United States version frequency - version 1.08 - for ZW130-A only

  4. Unzip the file and open the folder that appears.
  5. Open the EXE file to load the user interface - double click ZW130_WallMoteQuad_US_A_V1_08_hex__TargetZwave__.exe file for example.
  6. If Z-Stick or Z-Wave USB Adapter is connected automatically, skip to step 10, if not, please continue through steps 7 - 9.
  7. Click CATEGORIES and then select SETTINGS. 

  8. A new window will pop up. Click the DETECT button if the USB port is not automatically listed.

  9. Select the ControllerStatic COM port or UZB, and then click OK.
  10. Click ADD NODE. Let the controller into inclusion mode. Short press the WallMote Quads “Action Button”. At this stage, the WallMote Quad will be added to the Z-Stick's own Z-Wave network.
  11. Highlight the WallMote Quad Node in the list.
  12. Go to the "Firmware Update" Tab
  13. You'll notice one button "Start", click on "Start" button (It is highly suggested that you keep WallMote Quad on USB power for this update.)
  14. The software will then say, node is non-listening, request added to command queue for Node.

  15. At this time, tap the button on WallMote Quad (small button located on the back), then the firmware update should continue.

  16. After about 5 to 10 minutes, the firmware upgrade will be completed. A window will pop up with the status “Successfully” to confirm a successful firmware update.


  17. Now close the program, and connect your WallMote Quad to your primary gateway.