This page provides instructions for disabling the LED of Z-Stick Gen5 using the Backup Software tool for Z-Stick Gen5 and form part of the larger Z-Stick Gen5 user manual.

By default the LED of the Z-Stick Gen5 is turned on but can be turned off via the firmware. There are multiple ways to achieve this and this article will go over one of the easier methods available. Once you have disabled the LED your Z-Stick Gen5 it will not blink until factory reset or re-enabled.

There are 2 easily accessible methods: 

  • Method 1 can only be used for Windows.
  • Method 2 can be used on Windows, Linux, or OSX

Method 1 - Using Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Software.

This method requires access to a Windows PC.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. First download the Z-Stick Gen5 backup software from this article:
  2. You can use software such as WinRar to unzip the .rar file and a new folder should appear with the same name.
  3. Open up the folder named "Z-Stick Gen5 Backup Tool"
  4. Run zwave_500.exe
  5. Your Z-Stick should automatically connect to the Z-Stick Gen5 backup software (Bottom of software should state "Load ZStick Success"), if not, connect the Z-Stick Gen5 to your software by click on "Settings" located at the top left corner of the software and then select the COM number your Z-Stick Gen5 is associated to.
  6. Now click on the box next to "Led ON/OFF"
  7. As soon as the checkmark disappears, the LED should turn OFF. 
  8. You may now close your Backup Tool Software.

Method 2 - Use Domoticz beta software.

  1. Download Domoticz beta software here:
  2. Install Domoticz software that you just downloaded.
  3. Open up Domoticz, and a new browser page will open up.
  4. Click on Setup -> Hardware
  5. (Windows Only) Open up Device Manager and determine the COM port of your Z-Stick Gen5, sometimes there are multiple COM ports that are available, this will help you determine what port Z-Stick Gen5 is associated to.
  6. (NAME) Input the name of your network (can be anything you wish)
  7. (TYPE) Set this to "OpenZWave USB"
  8. (Data Timeout) Skip this
  9. (Serial Port) Set the COM port of your Z-Stick Gen5 to this, Domoticz should automatically detect any COM ports that are actuated.
  10. Then click on the "Add" button
  11. A new row will appear.
  12. Click on "Setup"
  13. All nodes connected to your Z-Stick Gen5 should appear here.
  14. Click on the device with NodeID = 001 to highlight it. This is your Z-Stick Gen5, it should be labeled as a Controller under the description column.
  15. Once highlighted, a list of configurations should appear, the setting you want is towards the bottom of the page.
  16. Setting #5: Set this to Disable
  17. Then click on "Apply Configuration for this device"

  18. The Z-Stick Gen5 LED should now stop blinking.
  19. You can choose to continue to use Domoticz as your software, or move on to the software of your desire.