Panic Button has the ability to control scenes/automation as a secondary controller to your existing Z-Wave network. To do so, your gateway must support scene controls in scenes/automations and configuring Z-Wave devices. You will also need to configure Panic Button internal settings to control your gateways scenes. This guide will lead you through the steps on configuring your Panic Button for this use case scenario as a secondary controller to your network.

Panic Button Configuration / Parameter Setting.

The Panic Button has 2 separate settings for use over a Z-Wave network: Group mode, Scene mode.

  • Group mode is used for direct control over your devices without the need of the gateway to process information. This is the default setting of Panic Button.
  • Scene mode is used to control scenes and automation through your gateway interface. This article will go over steps on configuring your Panic Button for this mode for the use of scene and automation controls.

General Steps for configuring Panic Button.

1. Determine if your gateway can use scene controllers to control scenes and automation.

2. Determine if your gateway can configure Z-Wave device internal settings via Z-Wave Configuration Command Class (often referred to as parameter settings).

3. Enter the Parameter Settings page of Panic Button over your gateway. (Parameter 250 [1 byte] = 1)

  • Variable = 250
  • Size = 1
  • Desired Value = 1

4. Use the pin that comes with the Panic Button and hold down the "Learn" button located on the back

5. Save or Send the parameter setting to your Panic Button using your gateway interface

6. When you are sure that the settings have been saved, release the "Learn" button on the Panic Button.

Manually test Panic Button for a successful change in mode.

If you want to fully ensure that Panic Button has entered scene mode, follow the action below:

  • Press and hold the Action Button of Panic Button down.

If the LED of Panic Button is blinking rapidly, then Panic Button did not successfully enter Scene Mode and is still in Group Mode.

If the LED of Panic Button is blinks once or twice then no other reaction, then Panic Button has successfully entered Scene Mode. You can now create scenes/automation events to be controlled by Panic Buttons Tap or Press and Hold controls.