This guide is part of the larger WallMote user guide and details how to setup WallMote within the Mios Vera gateway.

To use WallMote with Vera UI7 you will need to learn how to utilize Group Associations. Each Group within Vera allows control over 5 different associations, so you may be able to control up to 10 devices per button on a single 2 button Wallmote.

Group Associations and its commands.

The Wallmote has 2 buttons that can be used and 2 separate functions that each button can control: ON/OFF or DIM. Below is a table of the available Group Association that you can set to the Wallmote to directly control your Z-Wave Switches and Dimmers from within your Vera gateway. 

Group Association #
Button #
Press Function
Toggle On/Off
1 (left)
Dim up/down
1 (left)
Press and Hold
Toggle On/Off
2 (right)
Dim up/down
2 (right)
Press and Hold

What is a Group Association?

A Group Association is a specific function in Z-Wave that allows you to tell the Wallmote who it can speak to. Some devices may only have 1 group association meant for the gateway, or multiple group associations that can be used for specific events. This type of function isn't used too often, but when it is available, you may be able to use it to directly communicate to Z-Wave devices instead of controlling a scene within a gateway which can have unforeseen delays.

Vera has the ability to set Group Associations to devices that have these special events and functions. In Wallmotes case, it can speak directly to the devices it is associated to for directly toggling On/Off/Dim controls without communicating to Vera, then have Vera relay the command to the Z-Wave devices.

For example:

  • Using Group associations will talk directly to a Z-Wave device, this will process less than 1 second usually within 10-100ms.
  • Triggering a scene, a device will need to update its status to your gateway, then have the gateway process the status update then send an action or change to a Z-Wave device based on the trigger. Sometimes there may be delays if your gateway is already processing other data which can cause 1-2 second delays from time to time.¬†

How many devices you can control.

You can control 5 devices per Group Association for a total of 10 separate devices per button over 2 different Group Associations 


  • 5 devices on Group 2 (Switch control)
  • 5 devices on Group 3 (Dimmer control)
  • Grand total of 10 devices to be controlled over button 1

Forming Group Associations.

For the example below, we are tying a basic Switch to Group Association 2 to control a Z-Wave Switch on Button 1 (top left button of Wallmote), you can use these same steps to program other Group Associations between 1-9.

To associate devices to Wallmote, follow the steps below:

0. Login into your Vera Gateway via (

1. Go to your "Devices" page from the lefthand menu under Vera UI7 which should be available to you as soon as you login to your Vera gateway.

2. If you have not yet paired WallMote to your network, click on "Add Devices" (If you've already added this, please skip to step 7)

3. Select Generic Device at the bottom of the list

4. Click Next until Vera is waiting to add a device

5. Tap on the Wallmote button located on the back of the device

6. Vera will detect this and tell you to name the device, for now name this "Wallmote" if this is your first wall mote

7. 5 Nodes will appear (4 generic, 1 wallmote), the main node you will be focused on is "Wallmote" or whatever you decided to name it (from step 6, you are automatically placed back in the "Devices" Page where you will need to be for step 8).

8. Look for the main Wallmote node, then click on the arrow on the right hand side

9. Look for "Device Options" then click on it

10. At the bottom of the page, you will see "Association"

11. Based on the association list, if you are controlling a basic switch, you want to create the association for group 2, 4, 6, or 8. If you are associating a dimmer, then you want to use group 3, 5, 7, or 9. Purely for this example, we will be connecting a Z-Wave Switch to Button 1, so we will enter "2" then click on "Add Group"

12. A new Group ID will appear which you will be able to associate devices to. For this case, we are associating a switch to Group 2 for ON/OFF control over button 1 in this example. Click on "Set"

13. A new page will appear to give you a selection of devices, you may select up to 5 devices for a single association for the button to control.

14. Click on Save, then go back to your Devices list in Vera UI7. You will notice that the Wallmote is waiting to wake up:

15. Press and hold the Wallmotes action button until its LED turns yellow, then release. The Wallmote will then send a wakeup command to your gateway and complete the association.

16. Purging associations will appear, and you will know if the setup is complete when there are no more messages under your Wallmote node.

17. Tap the button that you created the association for to test it to toggle ON or OFF on the devices that are associated to the button you have just now programmed. If you programmed a Dimmer to the Multilevel Switch Set Group association, you can press and hold or swipe up or down to control the dim state.