Aeotec WallSwipe.

Aeotec WallSwipe has been crafted to connect directly to any Aeotec Nano (Switch, Dimmer, Dual Nano Switch) products as an add-on external switch or dimmer. It is powered by Aeotec’s technology. You can find out more about WallSwipe by following that link.

The technical specification of WallSwipe can be viewed at that link.

Familiarize yourself with your WallSwipe.

Important safety information.

Please read this and other device guides carefully. Failure to follow the recommendations set forth by Aeotec Limited may be dangerous or cause a violation of the law. The manufacturer, importer, distributor, and / or reseller will not be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from not following any instructions in this guide or in other materials.

Keep product away from open flames and extreme heat. Avoid direct sun light or heat exposure.

WallSwipe is intended for indoor use in dry locations only. Do not use in damp, moist, and / or wet locations.


WallSwipe for Nano has a few requirements in order to be used with your Nano Dimmer, Nano Switch, or Dual Nano Switch.

  1. Nano must use firmware version V2.0 or later.
  2. WallSwipe will fit any Decorator faceplate.

Quick start.

The following will step you through installing WallSwipe, connecting it to Aeotec Nano products, and connecting the Nano attached to your Z-Wave network.

  1. Shut off your home's main circuit breaker of the location that you wish to install Nano + WallSwipe to.
  2. Remove and unwire the existing wall switch you wish to replace with WallSwipe. If you have already installed Aeotec Nano, do not remove it, only remove the wires from the existing wall switch.

    Note - You may leave the existing external switch connected if you have additional space to fit WallSwipe and the external switch. Both WallSwipe and external switch can be used as separate control points for your Nano.
  3. If you do not have an Aeotec Nano device already installed, install it by following its respective user guide.
  4. (Optional recommendation) It is suggest that you connect the provided JST 1.5mm connection cable to the WallSwipe before attaching the Nano to the rear of WallSwipe. This will make connecting the cable to Nano easier.
  5. Attach the Nano device to the rear of WallSwipe. Secure the Nano device antenna into the Antenna groove.
  6. Connect the Nano device to WallSwipe using the provided JST 1.5mm connection cable. Make sure that the cable is fitted well into Nanos Touch Panel port and inserted the WallSwipe connection port.
  7. Use WallSwipe 2 screw holes to affix it to the wall over the installation box.
  8. Affix the original or new decora face plate over WallSwipe.

General usecase of WallSwipe.

WallSwipe when attached to Nano will function as a unpair or pairing button and or method to control Nano's functions. These button functions will work the same across all Nano versions (Dimmer, Switch, Dual Nano Switch).

General button functions.

There are various functions you can do with Wallswipe, this will allow you to unpair, pair, or even factory reset your Nano without having to remove Nano from your wall.

Button Press
(unpaired) Tap anywhere once
Pairs Nano with normal pair method (WallSwipe flashes green)
(unpaired) Tap anywhere 3x times within 1 second
Pairs Nano with secure (WallSwipe flashes blue)
2x Continuous Tap
Send NIF frame (commonly used to unpair Nano)
6x Continuous Tap
Factory reset Nano

How to perform a continuous tap.

A continuous tap is a button press method used for either factory reset or unpairing your Nano from your network. To perform a continuous tap, tap the top 50% once, then tap the bottom 50% once within 1 second).

This can be used anytime even if the Nano is paired or unpaired.

In order to perform a continuous tap, the below button tap must be done within a second, performing the steps below once is considered (1x continuous tap):

  1. Tap the top 50% of WallSwipe first
  2. Then tap the bottom 50% of WallSwipe second

Control guide for Nano.

Nano Dimmer.

The LEDs on Nano Dimmer will always follow the dim level to allow you to visually track the dim level Nano Dimmer is set to.

Button Press
Tap anywhere
Toggles OFF and last dim level.
Press and Hold then move finger to up or down to position
This will dim or brighten the Nano Dimmer based on the position that you drag your finger to.
Press and hold middle position
Ramps up or down Nano Dimmer (toggles between ramp up and down), release button when you find your desired dim level.
Press and hold top 50%
Ramps up for as long as you hold it (maximum at 100%)
Press and hold bottom 50%
Ramps down for as long as you hold it (minimum at 1%)
Tap and swipe up
Sets brightness higher by 10%
Tap and swipe down
Sets brightness lower by 10%
(Gesture) Swipe up
Turns Nano Dimmer on to the last dim level.
(Gesture) Swipe down
Turns Nano Dimmer off.

Nano Switch.

A singular LED will change between red and blue to determine the state of Nano Switch.

  • Red LED = off.
  • Blue LED = on.
Button Press
Tap anywhere
Toggles on and off.
(Gesture) Swipe up
Toggles on only.
(Gesture) Swipe down
Toggles off only.

Dual Nano Switch.

There are 2 small LEDs that will determine the status of OUT1 and OUT2. The top LED determines the output status of OUT1, while the bottom LED determines the output status of OUT2. The color status is the same to determine on and off:

  • Red LED = off.
  • Blue LED = on.

Button Press
Tap top 50%
Toggles OUT1 on and off.
Tap bottom 50%
Toggles OUT2 on and off.
(Gesture) Swipe up
Turns OUT1 and OUT2 on.
(Gesture) Swipe down
Turns OUT1 and OUT2 off.