This article is a repository for stable firmware builds of the Home Energy Meter G1.

Warning: These firmware updates are only for the DSB09 ZWUS, please do not use if on EU or AU frequency.


Quick steps for use:

  1. Unpair the HEM G1 from your Z-Wave network and remove clamps.
  2. Plug your HEM G1 into your Windows PC
  3. Run the firmware update
  4. Place your HEM G1 sensor in its area of installment
  5. Make sure that the HEM G1 should remain unpowered for at least 30 seconds before powering up the HEM G1.
  6. Pair the HEM G1 into your Z-Wave network
  7. Determine if all readings are outputting a 0 reading.
  8. Connect clamps back onto the main body of the HEM G1.