TriSensor uses the notification command class to report its trigger with motion sensing which causes issues with some gateways using the older method that require Basic Report or Binary Sensor Report. To allow Motion sensor to work with Vera with TriSensor, you must enable its Binary Sensor Report.

After enabling Binary Sensor report, you will be able to see the motion triggers change its status over Vera gateway.

Binary Sensor Report Enable (Parameter 4 [1 byte dec])
‘0’ –Disable sensor binary report when motion event is detected or cleared.
‘1’ –Enable sensor binary report when motion event is detected or cleared.

To make this change, follow these steps:

  1. Find the parent node of TriSensor:

  2. Click on the arrow next to it

  3. Find and click on "Device Options"

  4. Click on "Add new configuration."

  5. Enter these values in the new row:

    variables = 4
    size = 1 byte dec
    desired value = 1

  6. Click on "Save Changes"

  7. Go back to your "Devices" page of Vera

  8. Wait until TriSensor states "Waiting for device to wakeup" underneath the main node.

  9. Now press and hold the action button on TriSensor until the LED turns yellow, then release. Ensure that the yellow LED remains in a yellow solid state.

  10. If nothing happens you can force the Vera to update TriSensor by going to (Settings > Z-Wave > "Configure Node Now"). When you press "Configure Node Now" ensure that the TriSensor LED is still in a solid yellow state.

    We recommend that the TriSensor is as close to your Vera as possible or sitting right next to your Vera controller.

  11. Now go back to "Devices" page of Vera and make sure that it fully configures and closes out the messages.

    You'll notice that your other devices that are a part of TriSensor will disappear, this is normal, they will come back in time.

    (You may force the devices to come back by running "Reload Engine" under the Vera Settings and then closing Vera browser, then re-opening it).