Z-Stick Gen5 ZW090 is a highly versatile and portable device used as an interface for a third party software to be used and connected with Z-Stick Gen5. For this article we will discuss a little bit about what is needed to be done to use Z-Stick Gen5 or other Z-Wave USB Adapters for the use of S2 or S2 security framework.

Third party software support of security.

The Z-Stick Gen5 does store the secure key in its memory as a primary Z-Wave controller but does not use it without the use of software, this is left up to the third party software to handle security. Software dictates what security framework that is used, while you will not need to update the firmware of Z-Stick. It is the software that you are using with Z-Stick that needs to support S2 framework in order to deal with encryption and decryption of secure devices. In this case, the secure key is stored within the software of your third party Z-Wave software.

If you are looking to pair Z-Wave S2 framework devices to your Z-Wave network using S2 security, you must make sure that your third party software supports S2 security. 

It doesn't matter if Z-Stick specifically supports S0/S2 or is Z-Wave Plus or not, it all boils down to third party software support. You could use a Z-Stick S2 (Model DSA02) which is a series 300 chipset that is pre Z-Wave Plus when S0 framework was not supported, and still pair Z-Wave Door Locks that require S0 framework support as long as the third party software connected to the Z-Stick S2 supported S0 security framework.

Door locks and other devices that can be paired secure.

Z-Wave door locks require the use of at least S0 security framework, and now for newer door locks to be released must support S2 security framework, Door Lock Z-Wave devices cannot be paired as an unsecure device without a secure key from S0/S2. In this case, the Z-Stick Gen5 is not able to properly pair a door lock into its network by itself, it must use the help of a third party software that supports S0 or S2 security that stores the secure key within software for its uses.

The Z-Stick Gen5 by itself will not be able to pair a door lock through the manual push button inclusion method. You'll need to connect your Z-Stick to your PC, then interface it with the software that you have chosen in order to pair the Door Lock.What software are you currently using with the Z-Stick Gen5?

The general steps to pairing the Door Lock would be to:

  1. Connect Z-Stick Gen5 to your third party software interface
  2. Using your software, put your Z-Stick into pair mode. There should be a function available in the software that you are using to do this. If there is an option for secure inclusion, select this.
  3. Place your Door Lock into pair mode to pair the Door Lock to your Z-Stick Gen5.

The above steps are the same you would need to use to pair secure devices. It is possible for secure pairing to fail as it requires more processing power, it is sometimes better to move devices closer to your Z-Stick Gen5 for pairing within 10 ft if the first time fails.