This page presents download files and installation instructions to update your Multisensor 6's Z-Wave firmware via HomeSeer's OTA function and form part of the larger Multisensor 6 user guide. If you are looking to update Multisensor 6's firmware by other means refer to the separate firmware article.

This article will guide you through upgrading Multisensor 6 firmware to the following versions using HomeSeer;

A change-log describing each version can be found here.

Please download the firmware version that corresponds to your frequency of Multisensor 6 from the footer of this article or the above links. The frequency is noted in the filename (e.g. US frequency filename includes US). Ensure that you do not download or utilise the incorrect version of firmware.

Recommendation - It is highly recommended that your Multisensor 6 is placed on USB power for its firmware update.

  1. Open up Homeseer HS3 in your native browser.

  2. Ensure that HomeSeer Z-Wave plugin is running Version or later; you can check this under PLUG-INS -> Manage within HomeSeer. Should your version be lower than, please upgrade HomeSeer's Z-Wave plugin to enable its over-the-air firmware update feature.

  3. Download the correct HomeSeer compatible HEC file that corresponds to your version of Multisensor 6 as described above.
  4. Go to the "Home" tab within HomeSeer.

  5. Select the root of your Multisensor 6 which is "Aeon Labs Multilevel Sensor"

  6. Click on Z-Wave, then expand "Firmware Update"

  7. Click on "Select File"

  8. Select the HEC firmware file that you downloaded, in this example image Multisensor 6 US_v_1.10.hec, and select "Open".

  9. Click on "Start".

  10. If your Multisensor 6 is on battery power, tap the Action Button on the Multisensor 6 to begin the update.
  11. The firmware update process shall begin. Should you be using HomeSeer software in conjunction with Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, its LED will flash rapidly to indicate that it is processing information the firmware upgrade. Step back and take a quick coffee break while the update finishes. This process will take about 5 minutes in total.

  12. Congratulations, the firmware update is now complete.

    Happy automating!

Please note.

Over-the-air firmware upgrades for Aeotec devices are described on and the downloadable files provided for your convenience. The upgrade functionality itself is provided and warranted / supported by HomeSeer directly. If experiencing issues with firmware upgrades, please contact HomeSeer for further, specialised support.