This page lists the technical specifications for Wall Plug Dimmer and form part of the larger Wall Plug Dimmer user guide.

Name: Wall Plug Dimmer

Model numbers: 

EU: POP_123597

UK: POP_123603

Max standby power: 0.8W

EAN: 696859123603 

Weight: 130g

Repeater: Yes

Beaming: Yes

Device Type: Light Dimmer Switch

Generic Device Class: Multilevel Switch

Specific Device Class: Routing Multisensor Switch

Firmware Version: 1.00

Z-Wave Version: 3.2a

Certification ID: ZC08-13070025

Z-Wave Product ID: 0x0154.0x0202.0x0611

Operating distance: 

Up to 300 feet / 90 meters outdoors.

Up to 100 feet / 30 meters indoors.

Supported Plug Types:

EU: Type E

UK: Type G

Support load type:

Incandescent bulbs

Dimmable LED bulbs

Halogen bulbs

Dimmable CFL bulbs

Supported Command Classes:

  • Basic
  • Switch Multilevel
  • Version
  • Indicator
  • Switch All
  • Configuration
  • Manufacturer Specific
  • Protection
  • Node Naming
  • Association