Popp 433MHz Bridge.

Popp 433 MHz Bridge has been crafted to connecting 433 Mhz devices with PoppHub or other compatible Gateways. It is powered by Popp Z-Wave technology.

Before purchasing make sure to contact your Z-Wave Gateway/Controller manufacturer to determine if this device is compatible, typically most Z-Wave gateways will be generically compatible to Switch and Sensor type devices. The
technical specifications of 433 MHz Bridge can be viewed at that link.

Familiarize yourself with your 433 MHz Bridge.


Quick start.


1.    Connect the device to a USB port.

2.    If the LED flashes purple, connect to the open Wi-Fi bridge 433-XXXX.

3.    Enter the IP address in the browser bar.

4.    Set in the configuration mask your Wi-Fi, the IP address and the communication port of your gateway. (8000)

5.    Save the setting and activate the bridge.

6.    Install the RF433 application in the POPP Hub.

Product Usage.

Configuration of the RF433

To start the configuration mode, press the button on 433 Mhz bridge for 4 seconds. The configuration mode is indicated by a purple flashing. This mode can only be terminated via the configuration interface. 

1. Wi-Fi - settings

SSID: Enter the name of your home Wi-Fi.

Password: Enter the password of your home Wi-Fi.

Scan: Scan the environment for existing Wi-Fi networks (If the page remains empty, please check your wireless connection to the bridge).

DHCP: If checked, the IP address assigned by your router is used.

IP/Netmask: Specify the IP address and network affi liation of the bridge. 

Gateway: Enter the IP address of your router.

2. SmartHome Gateway - Settings:

IP: Enter the IP address of your Smart Home Gateway (POPP Hub).

Port: Enter the communication port to your Smart-Home Gateway.

Advanced settings:

Code send repeats: Set the number of transmission repetitions of a command (minimum 1; maximum 25). This may be necessary for some devices with poor communication.

3. Save Settings: Save the settings.

4. Activate Bridge: Activate 433Mhz bridge.

The device restarts and then connects to your Wi-Fi and SmartHome Gateway.

Reset Settings: Resets the unit to factory settings.

LED Indicator Status.


Purple pulsating ..........Device starts 

Flashing purple ............Configuration mode 

Blue flashing .................Establishing a connection to the Wi-Fi network 

Blue light ........................Wi-Fi is connected 

Red light .........................A connection to the Wi-Fi is not possible 

Yellow on.........................No connection to SmartHome Gateway possible 

Green flickering............Reception indicator 433Mhz 

White flickering ...........Transmission indicator 433Mhz

Advanced Setting.

Factory Reset of 433 Mhz Bridge

Resetting the device to the factory settings: Press the button on 433 Mhz bridge for 4 seconds, the unit switches to configuration mode, which is indicated by a purple flash. Press the button again for 4 seconds, the LED changes to yellow before the unit restarts and returns to the factory settings.

Sources of error:

LED indication



Glowing yellow

IP address of the SmartHome Gateway is wrong

Check the IP address of the SmartHome Gateway within the configuration mode.

Glowing yellow

Does not get an IP address assigned

Check the DHCP settings on your router and in the configuration mode of the gateway. Specify a static IP address.

Glowing yellow

Port settings do not match between 433Mhz Gateway and SmartHome system

Check the transfer port within the configuration mode of 433Mhz bridge and in your SmartHome Gateway. This is 8000 by default.

Blue flashing

(min. 10s)

Wi-Fi connection could not be established

Within configuration mode, check the SSID and password.

Glowing red

A connection to the Wi-Fi is not possible

Within configuration mode, check the SSID and password.


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