This page lists the technical specifications for Rain Sensor and form part of the larger Rain Sensor user guide.

Name: Z-Rain

Model numbers: POPE700168

Dimensions132 x 132 x 139 mm

EAN: 4251295700168

Weight: 219g

Battery Type: 2x AAA

Repeater: No

Beaming: No

IP Rating: IP55

Operation temperature: 0 - 50°C (32 -122°F)

Device Type: Routing Multilevel Sensor

Generic Device Class: Multilevel Sensor

Specific Device Class: Routing Multilevel Sensor

Firmware Version: 1.01

Z-Wave Version: 4.05

Z-Wave Product ID: 0x0154.0x0004.0x0011

Certification ID: ZC10-17065642

Operating distance: 

Up to 100 meters outdoors

Up to 300 feet outdoors.

Supported Command Classes:

  • Sensor Multilevel
  • Meter
  • Association Grp Info
  • Device Reset Locally
  • Zwaveplus Info
  • Configuration
  • Manufacturer Specific
  • Powerlevel
  • Firmware Update Md
  • Battery
  • Wake Up
  • Association
  • Version

Specifications subject to change without notice due to continuing product improvement.