This page is for common troubleshooting and questions and their answers and form a larger part of the Smoke Sensor user guide

False Alarms.

If you are getting false alarms, replacing the Smoke Sensor will be necessary.

Multiple Smoke Sensors used in a single Z-Wave network.

  • Max 3 Smoke Sensors
  • If more than 3 Smoke Sensors, deactivate parameters 5 and 6, then use scenes to control multiple.

If in the case of an alarm, if by actual smoke or pressing its LED button, an alarm frame will be sent. Z-Wave devices connected to the same Z-Wave network will receive the smoke alarm and pass it around your Z-Wave network. If you have more than 3 Smoke Sensors, this will lead to an overflow in your Z-Wave network. Additionally, alarm end signals will no longer be received and cause the detectors to activate each other again.

Battery does not last long enough.

Smoke Sensor is a FLiRs device, this means that the gateway can communicate to this device and wake it up at any time to take in configurations and commands. Make sure to disable Wakeup Interval and Polling to ensure that gateway polling this device does not use battery life needlessly.

Any time Z-Wave reports or requests are communicated by Smoke Sensor, this will lower battery life.

Do not use rechargable batteries, make sure that batteries used are lithium batteries.

If you do choose to poll this device, make sure that you use a separate power supply to power the Z-Wave board. This will also allow this device to act as a repeater in your Z-Wave network.

Battery status display is not supported by Smoke Sensor.

The battery level is not supported with Smoke Sensor, this report will always be reported at 100%. However, the Smoke Sensor itself does not have a measuring circuit so the measurement of battery making it impossible to determine the exact condition of the battery connected.

The Smoke Sensor will send an acoustic tone (short beeps) to approximate about 1 month before battery life will expire. When this happens, the battery of Smoke Sensor should be replaced.

Which power supply unit can I use for a power supply?

Popp provides its own power supply (POPE004100) for this purpose, which can be used to operate up to 5 detectors. The scope of delivery includes 1 connector of the type: JST ZH 2 (Datasheet)