This page provides a solution to use 10 Year Smoke Detector with Siren with Fibaro HC2 and forms a part of the larger 10 Year Smoke Detector and Siren user guide. 

To use the siren in HomeCenter 2, please download the Virtual Module and integrate it into your HomeCenter 2.

1. Open the Browser and the desktop of your HomeCenter 2 and LogIn 

2. Include the smoke sensor with siren as described in the manual. 

3. Change to "Devices"

4. Press the button "Add or Remove device" on the left side.

5.  Select the enclosed file via the selection field and confirm with open. 

6. Then switch back to "Device".

7. Now you find a new device in your desktop

8. To adjust this now, open the device adjustment by pressing the wrench.

9. Find out the device ID of your smoke detector

10. Add the device ID to the Virtual Module in the TCP Port field and press Save.

11. Now you can use the Siren in Scenes