In the Zipato gateway, the device is not displayed in the Device Browser like other devices after inclusion. There are two ways to use these devices in the Zipato Gateway.

1) Open the Zipato Login Page

2) Add you Login Data and Password

3) Open the Device Manager 

4) Press ADD NEW DEVICE and follow the Instruction on your display.

5) for exclude and include the WallMote Quad, press the action button of the backsite once.

Using with rules:

6) Create a new Rule withe the Rule cenerator. (picture)

7) If you have create the Rule you can set the options of WallMote Quad

8) Add a Action, determine what should happen

9) Press Save

10) Press the syncronice Button on the right side of the rule generator.

Using with Association:

11) Press on Z-Wave in the Device Manager

12) Press on the gearweehl by the WallMote Quad

13) Change to Advanced

14) Press Manage Associations

14) Chose on the right side your accosiation group 

15) Chose from the left side your to controled device

16) Press the Send button and Wake Up the WallMote Quad with press the action button once.

Note: Make sure that both devices are included in the same security mode.