This page is a guide on how to utilize your [Door / Window Sensor 7] with dry contact sensors and form part of the larger Door / Window Sensor 7 user guide. 

Door / Window Sensor 7 can be converted to any type of sensor utilizing NO (Normally Open) dry contact sensors. This can be used to detect water, magnet positions, tilt, doorbells, etc.

This product replaces Dry Contact Sensor Gen5 using the installation instructions below.

NOTE: This is for ZWA008 only, terminal availability is different for ZWA012. If you need to see ZWA012 wiring, please refer to the Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro user manual.

Configure your sensor to use external inputs.

To begin, Door / Window Sensor 7 must be configured to utilize external dry terminals.

Parameter 1: Operation Mode.

This parameter allows you to switch between Door / Window Sensor 7s internal hall sensor and external input.

Size: 1 Byte 

Default Value: 0

0The internal hall sensor is enabled (external input disabled)
1The external input is enabled (internal hall sensor disabled)

Parameter 1 [size 1 byte] = 1

  • Switches control to the external outputs on terminal #3 and #4.
  • The internal magnet sensor cannot be used.

How to wire your sensor with third party sensors or switches.

Door / Window Sensor 7 has 4 terminals, where only 2 are used actively for external inputs.

  • #1: Not used.
  • #2: Not used.
  • #3: Digital Input
  • #4: Ground

In this case, Terminal #1 and #2 are not used with Door / Window Sensor so these terminals should be left ignored.

You can wire any dry contact sensor output to Terminal #3 and #4 (it doesn't matter which terminal is wired to where). Dry contact terminals are only looking for Open/Close control which will have Door / Window Sensor 7 report its status depending on the state of the dry contact output to Door / Window Sensor 7.

External Door / Window Sensor 7 applications.

Door / Window Sensor 7 has many dry contact sensor applications. These are some of the many possible applications that Door / Window Sensor 7 can handle:

  • Water Sensor detection.
    • Leak sensor
    • Flood sensor
  • Relay status detection.
    • Push Button
    • Toggle Switch
  • Alarm system dry contact output status.
  • External magnet sensor.
  • Power failure detection.
  • Tilt detection. 
    • Garge door Sensor
  • Motion detection.
  • Vibration detection.
  • Gas Detection.
  • Bolt contact detection.
  • Glass break sensor detection.