This page is a guide on how to utilize your [Door / Window Sensor 7] as a scene controller and form part of the larger Door / Window Sensor 7 user guide. 

Door / Window Sensor 7 can be converted to a scene controller utilizing a separate NO (Normally Open) push button. This sensor can be used to trigger 7 separate Central Scene Notification commands to trigger automation in your home.

Configure your sensor to used external inputs.

To begin, Door / Window Sensor 7 must be configured to report Central Scene commands.

Parameter 13: Central Scene Event functionality.

Enable/Disable Central Scene Events.

Size: 1 Byte, Default Value: 0

0Contact Scene Events disabled
1Contact Scene Events enabled

Parameter 13 [1 byte] = 1

  • Sets Terminal #3 + #4 to react to a push button.
  • Allows Door / Window Sensor 7 to report Central Scene command class.

How to wire your sensor with third party sensors or switches.

Door / Window Sensor 7 has 4 terminals, where only 2 are used actively for external inputs for scene controls.

  • #1: Not used.
  • #2: Not used.
  • #3: Digital Input
  • #4: Ground

In this case, Terminal #1 and #2 are not used with Door / Window Sensor so these terminals should be left ignored.

You can wire the push button to Terminal #3 and #4 (it doesn't matter which terminal is wired to where).

Automation command use.

When activated by configuration parameter #13, Central Scene commands are sent from Door / Window Sensor 7. The external dry contact will then act as a scene controller with a total of 7 scenes that can be activated.

Below are the 7 separate scene presses that can be activated:

Button Press
Central Scene ID
Tap 1x
Tap 2x
Tap 3x
Tap 4x
Tap 5x
Press and Held1