This page lists the steps on utilizing Doorbell 6 with Popp Hub ( and forms part of the larger Doorbell 6 user guide.

Setup your Doorbell 6

1. Open the Login of your Popphub or http://YOUIPADRESS:8083

2. Add Your PoppHub ID/Username and Password and Login

3. Open the menu (top right) and select devices

4.   Press Add new (on the right side) by Z-Wave

5.  Press Add new Z-Wave Devices and identify it automatically

6. Following the Steps 

    1. Reset Device (Exclusion)

        Press the button on the device 6x times.

    2. Inclusion Press the green Start button

        Press the button on the device once

    3. Add the PIN for S2 Security and press confirm

        (You can find the PIN of the Backside from the device, input value XXXXX)  DSK: XXXXX-YYYYY


7. After the inclusion, you can configure your device


To control the individual tones for Doorbell 6. Follow these steps:

8. Open the menu (top right) and select Apps

9. Under Local Apps select the application HTTP Device and press the green cross

9.1 Change line2 to "switchMultilevel".

9.2  Add the command in line 3.


Change YourIP ... IP Adress of PoppHub

Change XXX ... DeviceID of Doorbell

9.3 Set HTTP metod to POST

9.4 Add your PoppHUb Login and Password

9.5 Press Save

10. Now you can find a new device in elements

If you now press the arrow you can play the tones from 1 - 30. If you select a value greater than 30, the last tone will be played. 


The interview is not complete

It is possible that there are problems to get the interview complete with single variants.

The following steps explain how to solve this problem:

1. Open the Expert UI   http://YOURPOPPHUPIP:8083/expert

2. Choose Device and Status

3. Select your device

4. Press View Interview result

    You now see that the AssociationGroupInformation has not been retrieved.



5. Please copy the following line into your browser line and adjust the marked values.


    a. Change IP-Adress (IP)

    b. Change Device ID (XXX)

    c. Change device Instance (YY)

    d. Check the command class

    e. Press Enter


CommandClass 89 = AssociationGroupInformation


(Instance 1) //Main Doorbell Node[6].instances[1].commandClasses[89].data.interviewDone.value=true 

(Instance 2) //Tamper Node[6].instances[2].commandClasses[89].data.interviewDone.value=true 

(Instance 3) // Button #1[6].instances[3].commandClasses[89].data.interviewDone.value=true 

    f. It is confirmed by "true".

6. Repeat this for all missing instances.

7. The interview must be completed.