This page lists the technical specifications for Radiator Thermostat and forms part of the larger Radiator Thermostat user guide.

Name: Radiator Thermostat.
Model number: 

Product Dimensions: 55 x 67 x 85 mm

Package Dimensions: 103 x 106 x 73 mm

Product Weight: 128 g

Total Package Weight: 241 g


EU: 4251295701387

Waterproofing: IP20 rating.

Z-Wave Plus Certified: Yes.

Certification ID: ZC10-20076945

S2 Security: Unauthenticated.

Smart Start: No.

Repeater: No.


Beaming: No.

Power supply: No.

Battery charger input: No.

Batterytype: 2 x 1.5 LR6 Mignon AA.

Battery life: up to 1 Year.

Operating temperature: 

0°C to 40°C.

32°F to 104°F.

Storage temperature:

-20°C to 65°C.

-4°F to 149°F.

Radio protocolZ-Wave Plus.

Z-Wave Hardware: ZM5202.

Operating distance:

Up to 50 meters outdoors.

Up to 164 feet outdoors.

Supported Command Classes.

  • Association Grp Info
  • Association V2
  • Basic
  • Battery
  • Configuration
  • Device Reset Locally
  • Firmware Update Md V3
  • Manufacturer Specific
  • Notification V8
  • Powerlevel
  • Protection
  • Security
  • Security 2
  • Sensor Multilevel V5
  • Supervision
  • Switch Multilevel
  • Thermostat Mode V3
  • Thermostat Setpoint V3
  • Transport Service V2
  • Version V2
  • Zwaveplus Info V2