This page lists a method of use with Zipato Gateway for [Radiator Thermostat] and forms a part of the larger Radiator Thermostat user guide.

After the inclusion of your Radiator Thermostats into your Zipato gateway, the Radiator Thermostat will not show right away. You'll need to follow these steps to allow your sensor to appear properly in Zipato interface.

1) Open the Zipato Login Page

2) Add your Login Data and Password

3) Open the Device Manager 

4) Press ADD NEW DEVICE and follow the Instruction on your display.

5) To exclude and include the Radiator Thermostat, press the Boost button.

6) After inclusion has finished, add the: 

  • Name
  • Room
  • Add new - Thermostat Zone.

7) Press Save.

8) Now go to Device browser and you can find a Climate device in your interface.

9) Press the gear wheel icon for setup.

10) Choose DEVICES

11) Select OUTPUTS and INPUT under the section HEATING.

12) Select INPUT under the section THERMOMETERS.

13) Press Save.

14) Go to Device browser which should now properly show your Aeotec Radiator Thermostat.

Note: If it is not displayed correctly, refresh the browser window and wait about 5 minutes before checking again.