This guide will lead you through the initial setup of AutoPilot server. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using AutoPilot which can be found here


Power up AutoPilot

Before you move onto creating your account and fully setting up AutoPilot, you must first power AutoPilot and connect it to your internet.


1. Connect AutoPilot to your local network through Ethernet connection using a CAT5 cable.

2. Connect the 5V power supply and put the AutoPilot.

3. Allow a minute or 2 for your system to boot up completely before moving forward.

Notes - Make sure that during setup, your AutoPilot is on the same WiFi/Router of the PC or Phone that is setting up AutoPilot. 

Create an Aeotec Id

Your Aeotec ID will allow you to interface any browser software to AutoPilot server from anywhere in the world. You'll need to sign up for one before you can complete setup of AutoPilot.


1. Navigate to your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and access the following link to setup AutoPilot:

2. Create your Aeotec ID by:

-> Click on Don't have an account? Create an account here
-> Enter all information fields, all required fields end in *.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Password confirmation

-> After the successful creation of a new Aeotec ID account, a e-mail verification will be sent. Log into your email account and verify your account before moving forward.

Connect Aeotec ID to your AutoPilot

This final section will tie your Aeotec ID to your AutoPilot, once this is finished, you'll be able to log in using any browser to gain access of AutoPilot server as long as you enable remote access.


1. Login in your Aeotec ID through this link:

2. Click Connect to associate AutoPilot to your Aeotec ID account.

    -> You will then be redirected directly to the interface of AutoPilot.

3. Follow the steps to configure the User Box.

    -> Assign password

    -> Assign your email Address 

    -> Click  Submit to complete the process

4. AutoPilot has now completed its initial setup, use the short introduction to familiarize yourself with AutoPilots interface. You may log into Aeotec ID using either of these links:

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