This user guide describes how to add Radiator Thermostat to Domoticz. This is a part of the larger guide of the Radiator Thermostat.

1. Add XML file in Windows System.

1.1. Exit Domoticz by right clicking on the icon in the lower right corner. 

1.2. Download *.XML file and save it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Domoticz\Config\aeotec.

1.2.1. Download XML file here: zwa021.xml.

1.3. Go to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Domoticz\Config.

1.4. Open the file "manufacturer_specific.xml" (found in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Domoticz\Config) in a xml editor or notepad - Example: Noepad++.

1.5. Go to <Manufacturer id="0371" name="Aeotec Limited"> and check if the following record already exists.

<Product type="0002" id="0015" name="ZWA021 Radiator Thermostat" config="aeotec/zwa021.xml"/>

1.5.1 If this record does not exist, add it.


1.6. Save the document.

1.7 Start Domoticz.

2. Add XML file in Raspian System

2.1. Open SSH Connection with your Raspberry Pi.

2.2. Stop Domoticz Service

cd domoticz

sudo service stop

2.3. Wait at least 15 seconds and check if it is stopped before continuing: 

sudo service status

2.3.1. Press Ctrl+C.

2.4. Open Folder  domoticz/Config/aeotec.

cd Config/aeotec

2.5. Download the file with following command.

 wget -O zwa021.xml

2.6 Go back to folder Config and edit the file "manufacturer_specific.xml".

cd ..

nano  manufacturer_specific.xml

2.6.1. Add following line.

<Product type="0002" id="0015" name="ZWA021 Radiator Thermostat" config="aeotec/zwa021.xml"/>

2.6.2. Exit the editor with Ctrl+X.

2.6.3. Save with Y(es) and return.

2.7. Go back to folder Domoticz.

cd ..

2.8. Start Domoticz Service 

sudo service start

3. Add Radiator Thermostat in Domoticz.

3.1 Include the Radiator Thermostat in Domoticz System.

3.2 The device is now recognized as an Aeotec Radiator Thermostat.

3.3 Chang the menu to SETUP -> Devices.

3.4 Select the following command buttons and activate them by pressing the green arrow.

Note: It may happen that it takes several minutes until all command classes are recognized.

Room Temperature:

Mode On/Off:                                                        Set Point: