Vera currently is not directly compatible with Recessed Door Sensor 7, in this case, you can manually add compatibility and have it display open and close status over your interface. This article is an additional guide to the Recessed Door Sensor 7 user guide.

Follow the below steps to add compatibility to your Recessed Door Sensor 7. This will need to be done to all new Recessed Door Sensor 7 added into your network.

Notes - We have noticed that after getting Recessed Door Sensor 7 to correctly work, setting any other settings such as parameter settings will not push, doing so gets the sensor stuck with error message with security, but the overall device will continue to work.

1. Pair Recessed Door Sensor 7 to your Vera gateway using "FGS-233" (Fibaro Double Switch 2) device type. Doing so will allow Vera to pair Recessed Door Sensor 7 without security.

  1. Go to "Devices" page
  2. Select "+ Add Device"
  3. Expand "Dimmer and Lights"
  4. Select "FGS-233"
  5. If you do get an error over your nodes, move the sensor closer to your Vera gateway and then unpair and then pair the sensor again using the same steps.

2. Ensure 2 nodes load up from the Recessed Door Sensor Gen5:

  • [Whatever you named your sensor, we used "RDS7"] - Main Node
    • Uses Notification Report command.
  • [_Door & Window Sensor] - Child Node
    • Uses Binary Sensor Report. *(I would suggest just ignoring this node or find a way to make it invisible).

3. Select the arrow on your named device.

4. Click on "Advanced"

5. On the new page, make these changes:








6. Go to Settings -> Z-Wave Settings, then "Advanced" tab.

7. Click on "GO" next to Reload Engine, wait for Vera to show a popup confirmation then press OK to close it.

8. Now refresh your browser, then click on "Devices" on the left hand menu.

9. Your Door Window Sensor 7 should look like the image below.

10. Now test Door Window Sensor 7 by placing its magnet next to the sensor, if triggered, the waves on the icon should turn "RED" color like the image below. and when removed, the color should become a grey color. 

Node [_Door & Window Sensor] is useless since it uses Binary Sensor Report, this will only work if Parameter 1 [1 byte] = 1 which changes Notification Report to be used as Binary Sensor Report instead.