For support requests regarding AutoPilot server, information about the AutoPilot is always required for. This solution should guide you to find the most important information in the system and send it with the request. It forms part of a broader guide on managing and using AutoPilot which can be found here 

Submit a ticket

There are a few ways to submit a ticket which all ticket submissions are sent to Aeotec support team at Freshdesk

By submitting a ticket, Freshdesk will automatically create an account under your email, by no means do we use the email for anything else but support. The email saved is specifically used for communication, if requested, the account can be deleted afterwards or before.

Submit through form

If you choose to submit through our online form, go to this link here and select "Device questions & support": Support form

If you do so, make sure that you enter your correct email otherwise the support teams response will not be able to get back to you.

Submit through email

You have the option to directly submit a ticket through email. You can send questions and issues to

This will automatically generate a ticket and an account on our Freshdesk portal you can choose to use or ignore. Upon request, we can delete your account.

Freshdesk portal

Aeotec Freshdesk portal can be found at this link: Support portal

You can browse the solutions articles without creating an account, but an account will be made if a support ticket is submitted. The email is required so that support can get back to you.

Required information

When submitting a support ticket for AutoPilot and their connected devices, make sure to always include the below information.

AutoPilot Version    

  1. Open the Menu on the top right of your AutoPilot interface.
  2. Select Management.
  3. Scroll to Server Information.
  4. Copy the version number into your request.

AutoPilot Frequency 

The frequency of communication used in your AutoPilot server for communication. Support can make an educated guess based on the country AutoPilot server was purchased from. 

Below are some examples of frequencies AutoPilot can use:

US Frequency - 908.42MHz

AU Frequency - 921.32 MHz

EU Frequency - 868.42MHz

Detailed issue

AutoPilot support needs some short details about the issue that you are experiencing. Spare no detail in this case as sometimes even the LED indication of connected devices will help support analyze your issue.

Some example details that can be included:

  • The specific issue with AutoPilot or its connected device.
  • LED indicators during the issue.
  • If it is battery powered or USB power (if the option is available, a good example would be Aeotec MultiSensor 6 ZW100)
  • Device parameter settings that have been changed.
  • Expected vs actual.
    • Sensor data.
    • Device reaction.
  • How a device is wired and pictures or schematics.

Information upon request

Support does not always need all of the details, but if support needs to dive deeper and analyze, these are some details that we will request.

 Z-Wave LOG files   

These logs will allow support to further understand the specific communication going on between AutoPilot server and the connected device. These logs are incredibly helpful in determining the issue.


  1. Open the Menu on the top right of your AutoPilot interface.
  2. Select Analytics.
  3. Press Export Log and save the files.
  4. Attach them to the email when you reply.

Z-Wave Device Interview

These details will ensure that we understand if the connected device was connected successfully, or has some failure causing the issue. This also provides support with important details such as device firmware and its device id.


  1. Select DEVICES from the upper menu.
  2. Select the faulty device.
  3. Switch to Settings.
  4. Scroll to section Device Information.
  5. Click on the small blue arrow on the row of Command Classes.
  6. Take a screenshot and include it in your answer.

Remote support for support

For larger problems, it may be necessary for remote support to be enabled. This will allow support to access your system and perform a deeper dive to analyze issue at hand.

Make sure to de-active remote access after support is done.


  1. Select the menu icon located at the top right corner.
  2. Select Management.
  3. Under Remote Access select the check mark at Enable remote support access

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