This page goes over the method to pairing NanoMote Quad to Vera hub, creating automation, and forms part of the larger NanoMote Quad user guide. 

Installing NanoMote Quad with Vera.

When pairing with "Generic Device", NanoMote will not pair properly to Vera, you must directly use the NanoMote Quad device type created by the Vera team.


1. Select "+ Add Device"

2. Select "Hand Held"

3. Scroll to the bottom and select "Aeotec NanoMote Quad"

4. Select Next -> Next
5. Wait until Veras spinning wheel disappears and a 60-second timer appears to indicate it is ready to pair a device.

6. Tap any button once to set it into pair mode.

7. Give the NanoMote a name and save this information.

Creating a Scene.

There are 2 methods to using NanoMote, either with scenes or using Group Association to directly control Z-Wave devices. Utilizing a scene is the most common and easiest used method for controlling other devices in your network.


1. Select "Scenes" on the left menu.

2. Select "+ Add Scene".

3. Select "Select a device...".

4. Select your NanoMote Quad, it will appear as the name that you gave it.

5. Select "A button is pressed"

6. Select "Which button" and decide what button # and button press will cause it to trigger this scene.

7. Select "Validate".

8. Select "Next Step".

9. From here you can determine what happens and what devices are controlled in Step 2 of the scene creation page. You can alternatively skip to step 3 to program a "LUUP script" for more complex automations.